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Everus Construction Group is an industry-leading construction services provider, safely Building America’s Future™ through innovation and expertise.

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Our Expertise

Everus embodies a legacy of mastery across a full spectrum of specialty construction services. We are masters of our craft and trusted leaders in the industry, committed to safely providing essential services to our customers through exacting execution.

Electrical, mechanical & fire suppression

At Everus, our mastery in electrical, mechanical and fire suppression services spans the nation, backed by a team whose expertise is second to none. We're not just service providers; we're pioneers who are transforming America with every project we undertake.

Transmission & distribution

With the highest standards in the industry, Everus performs all aspects of transmission and distribution services. No matter the size or difficulty of the project, our team delivers precise results. We ensure energy can be delivered safely and efficiently, wherever it’s needed.

Excavation & substation

Everus is an industry leader in highly specialized excavation and substation construction. We excel at precisely executing complex natural gas service projects, substation buildouts and intricate directional drilling and hydroexcavation work.

Industrial turnaround

Everus is synonymous with excellence in industrial turnaround projects. Whether it's refinery construction, plant maintenance or installations across various industries, we have the safety record and expertise to get the job done.

Equipment rental, sales & manufacturing

As a leading provider of innovative, top-quality power line and telecommunication wire stringing equipment and tools, Everus is your go-to partner nationwide.

Renewable energy

Our dedication to renewable energy solutions embodies our commitment to a sustainable future. Everus is a leader in providing renewable generation solutions, powering progress with every project.

Our Services

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Everus Construction Group is more than a company; it's a dedicated, skilled team of more than 8,500 people united by a common goal of safely Building America’s Future.™ We invite you join our team.

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